We are moving to the NEW VENUE!

After only six Arms and Militaria fairs from the 31st May last year  to the latest fair on the 5th June 2011 the fair is now moving to the much larger venue at the Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa as advertised throughout our website.

When we first opened the doors at the first fair we thought that we would be at the Swallow Hotel permanently. The staff were always first class and provided us with an excellent service at all times.
Over the course of three or four fairs the list of people wanting tables grew far beyond the capabilities of the Swallow to accommodate us so the search was on for a new larger venue agreeable to our dealers and collector visitors alike.

After looking at three very suitable venues within the Preston area a visit to the Mercure Dunkenhalgh solved our problem, and after extensive meetings agreement was reached that we had found a new home!  You will note our forthcoming dates to the end of 2012 on this website. The Dunkenhalgh is very accessible via the motorway network which is always a consideration to both dealers and visitors alike.

Change of name?  The new venue is not strictly within the Preston boundaries but to change the name at this stage would significantly dilute the reputation that we have built up over the past year, so please accept that it is best to retain our original name. The venue is “near enough” !

With the wealth of first class dealers and a venue that is second to none, combined with our quality advertising campaigns ,we aim to create an outstanding Arms and Militaria Fair in a part of the North West that has never previously enjoyed such a venue.

We hope to see you soon !