Second Fair – 22nd August 2010

The Second Preston Arms Fair opened at 09-00hrs on Sunday, August the 22nd to an initial expectant queue of collectors of over 100, very similar to the first Fair in May. The attendance during the day was virtually the same as the May Fair but most Dealers/Stallholders reported that they had a better day!!

Advertising for this Fair was increased to include the Classic Arms and Militaria Magazine and we are looking at including the Skirmish magazine in future advertising as well as all previous advertising which appears to be successful.

We are looking to 0ffer Five Fairs in 2011, the first being held on Sunday the 23rd January. The fair is attracting high quality Dealers who are re-booking for future venues as well as collectors who are either selling their collections or looking to swap Items with fellow collectors or dealers.

Preston Arms Fair thanks all stallholders for their professionalism exhibited at the first two fairs, this has helped to make this new venue the success it is becoming. In the New Year we are looking at additional advertising to cover all possibilities of attracting the collecting community to our Fair.

We look forward to the next Fair to be held on the 24th October 2010 and hope to see you all there !

31st May 2010 – First Fair – 100% success!!!

After several months of planning the doors finally opened at 09-00hrs on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st May 2010 to an expectant crowd of in excess of 110 eager collectors/interested persons eager to visit the wide range of Militaria on offer from thirty eight of the UK’s best known Militaria dealers!

Preston Arms Fair had targeted several very popular magazines specializing in the collecting hobby which were:

The Armourer Price Guide
The current Armourer magazine
Gun Mart
Classic Military Vehicles
Plus The Lancashire Evening Telegraph

The advertising for the forthcoming fair to be held on the 22nd August will have the original advertising plus “The Medal News” as well.
For the first fair over 2000 leaflets were handed out at military venues and suitable venues to attract as many people as possible, and recommendations from the first visitors to friends we are sure will increase the numbers for the next event.

Many of the dealers reported an excellent day of buying and selling and a high proportion of tables have already been re-booked, and we are looking at the floor plan to improve the table lay out for future fairs.

Military Vehicles
It is our intention to attract many historical vehicles to our fairs, we were very pleased to have an original WW2 Willis Jeep and two occupants visit the venue which attracted a lot of interest, on the 22nd August we hope to have an original WW2 German Kettenkrad owned and restored by Paul Marshall over the past few years on view. This amazing vehicle type was specifically designed for the Luftwaffe for the battle of Crete 1941 and is extremely rare.

We at Preston Arms Fair thank all who made this first Militaria fair the success it was, and we will strive to improve the fair for everyone’s enjoyment.


Future Arms Fairs

Second Arms and Militaria Fair will be held on the 22nd August 2010 and another one on Sunday 24th October 2010.

Preston Arms Fairs

First Arms Fair

First Arms & Militaria Fair is taking place on Bank Holiday Monday – 31st May 2010.

This event is extensively advertised to attract collectors and veterans. Trade enquiries for 12ft, 9ft and 6ft tables at competitive prices welcomed – Up To 52 tables available.

Nelson Suite at the Swallow Hotel, Preston New Road, Samlesbury, Preston, PR5 0UL, just off junction 31 of the M6 Motorway