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Preston Arms Fair – 7th May 2012

“After several fairs that suffered from the bouts of severe weather conditions the 7th May 2012 Arms Fair enjoyed an excellent sunny day with the best attendance by collectors since the fairs started in 2010 and was fair number ten. Many dealers reported an excellent days trading but some reported that although interest was high, the purchases were not forthcoming, however many people tend to sleep on expensive purchases and go back to the dealer a few days later to purchase. We had several people who rang up after the fair and asked for the details of dealers who they wished to contact again.

Always looking for quality advertising on behalf of the dealers and public the Preston Arms Fair is now advertising in the superb Britain at War magazine which is sold nationwide and is hoped to make for much more awareness of our fair in the months to come.

Many well known dealers are now travelling distances to our Fair, Ivor Lough of Phoenix Militaria of London is attending again for the 1st July Fair, as well as D&B Militaria, David Hughes, Jack Zakarian, Conrad from Grenadiers, Chris Berry and many more to add to the list of our highly professional regular dealers who have made the fair such a success……a big thanks to everyone who has supported the fair, both dealers and the collecting community.

We hope to see you all on the 1st July for another memorable day of collecting and dealing!

See photos from Preston Arms Fair – Bank Holiday Monday 7th May

Preston Arms Fair – 5th Feb 2012

Despite the severe weather conditions that plagued the country which arrived just in time for our February fair, amazingly we only lost six dealers!

Most of our stalwart regulars and two new dealers braved the conditions and travelled in some cases from South Wales, Birmingham and Cumbria and Yorkshire, an amazing achievement, well done to all. The collectors also showed fortitude and almost 200 visitors came through the doors which enabled us to have an Arms and Militaria Fair where other fairs were almost wiped out!


Our next fair to be held on the Bank Holiday Monday, the 7th May 2102 with all tables already spoken for and with extra advertising bodes for an excellent day!

Gary Parr won the free £50 cash draw, well done Gary!

We hope to see you on the 7th May.

Preston Arms Fair – 6th November 2011

The 8th Militaria Fair ( The second to be held at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel ) was without doubt a great success, further colour advertising in all the local Lancashire Evening Post areas in addition to all our normal adverts, brought many extra interested visitors (and potential new collectors) in addition to a strong contingent of collectors.

The next Arms and Militaria Fair will be held on the 5th February 2012 and already is virtually booked up! We hope to see you there, but before that we wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.


I’m sure we were all saddened by the unexpected, tragic death of Garth Vincent on the 4th of November 2011 in a car accident.

All our best wishes go to Dom and his family at their sad loss, and we wish them all the very best in this sad time.

Preston Arms Fair – 7th August 2011 – NEW VENUE

Well, despite the most appalling weather, staff shortages and the trials and tribulations of a brand new venue the fair was considered a great success by the vast majority of dealers, many of them having a very profitable day. New table plans always take time to get “just right” and by the next fair on the 6th November 2011 any problems will be sorted out. Since the fair we have had several requests for tables so the waiting list is still expanding!

We were very pleased indeed to have a 1944 German Kettenkrad, fully restored by German military expert Paul Marshall over the past few years on show.

This unique vehicle was the centre of attraction for many military vehicle fans who were very surprised to see it just outside the entrance to the fair, many thanks Paul!

Everyone at the Preston Arms Fair work to make the events a success, and we are achieving a higher visitor number at each fair. We are hoping for an excellent

fair on the 6th November to help establish ourselves at the Dunkenhalgh as an important Militaria event in the North West, we always maintain quality advertising to keep the venue fresh in peoples minds.

We hope to see many more collectors in November, and we thank all of our dealers for their professionalism that have made the events a great success.

A final word, we were all very sorry that Arthur Thornton, who specialises in quality military reference books, was not well enough to attend the last fair in August.

We all wish Arthur well and hope to see him at the next event.

We are moving to the NEW VENUE!

After only six Arms and Militaria fairs from the 31st May last year  to the latest fair on the 5th June 2011 the fair is now moving to the much larger venue at the Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa as advertised throughout our website.

When we first opened the doors at the first fair we thought that we would be at the Swallow Hotel permanently. The staff were always first class and provided us with an excellent service at all times.
Over the course of three or four fairs the list of people wanting tables grew far beyond the capabilities of the Swallow to accommodate us so the search was on for a new larger venue agreeable to our dealers and collector visitors alike.

After looking at three very suitable venues within the Preston area a visit to the Mercure Dunkenhalgh solved our problem, and after extensive meetings agreement was reached that we had found a new home!  You will note our forthcoming dates to the end of 2012 on this website. The Dunkenhalgh is very accessible via the motorway network which is always a consideration to both dealers and visitors alike.

Change of name?  The new venue is not strictly within the Preston boundaries but to change the name at this stage would significantly dilute the reputation that we have built up over the past year, so please accept that it is best to retain our original name. The venue is “near enough” !

With the wealth of first class dealers and a venue that is second to none, combined with our quality advertising campaigns ,we aim to create an outstanding Arms and Militaria Fair in a part of the North West that has never previously enjoyed such a venue.

We hope to see you soon !

Preston Arms Fair – 3rd April 2011

This latest fair was most probably the best fair since we started last in May of last year. It was only our fifth event but the quality and diversity of our dealers attracted an excellent attendance of just fewer than 300 both experienced and novice collectors.

Many of the dealers that we canvassed reported some excellent purchases and also good to excellent sales, which means that the stock moves round and visitors see a more varied array of Militaria each visit.

The younger collector was evident which bodes well for the hobby.

We are very pleased to announce that the collection for the “Help the Heroes” that was made at the fair raised over £100, we thank everyone who kindly donated very much for their generosity.

MOVING: We are very pleased that the fair will be moving, from the 7th August 2011, to the new location at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel at Clayton Le Moors ( Jct 7  M65 ) where the fair can expand at it’s natural pace…..We have an ever growing list of people who want to book tables…14 at present…after only five fairs this we feel this demonstrates the high potential of this ever more popular event.

We would like again to thank all our dealers for their total professionalism demonstrated when attending the Preston Fair, this has been commented on many times but it is the foundation of our fair.

We hope to see everyone again at the next fair on the 5th June 2011, have a safe journey to and from the venue.


After only four Arms and Militaria Fairs at the Swallow Hotel since last May we can now announce that we are moving the event to the Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Blackburn Road, Clayton Le Moors  Accrington  BB5 5JP  from our 7th August 2011 fair.

The Swallow Hotel has been a superb and highly valued venue for us, but we have an ever growing waiting list for tables so with no further table space available we reluctantly decided that a move was necessary.

The Dunkenhalgh Hotel is probably twice the size and more than the Swallow so the fair will naturally grow over the coming months with an influx of quality dealers to add to the very high standards of the regular dealers who have built the fair to its present high standards.

We look forward to the new venue and we are taking bookings for the August fair now, as due to the present space restrictions have discouraged some dealers who have very large displays from attending, this no longer applies as space requirements can now be negotiated to suit individual requirements.

Preston Arms Fair would like to thank all of our regular trade clients and all of our valued visitors to the venues, and we hope to make our fair a highly valued addition to the Military Fairs circuit in the UK