Preston Arms Fair – 10th August 2014

This was one of our best fairs yet! Although the weather turned rainy in the early afternoon, the attendance was excellent and many collectable items changed hands !! A great day was had by all !

 The Preston Arms Fair is very pleased to be associated with the North West Collectors Re-Enactment Group and we had excellent examples of both American and German Troops together with an original PAK ’40 German Anti Tank weapon and a 1943 Opel “Blitz” Lorry plus American “Jeeps”. These German vehicles were supplied by the excellent Military Vehicle Dealers ” Tanks for Sale ” run by the enigmatic Duncan Nicholson who can be contacted on telephone number 07794 630476 for both sales and rental…. Duncan not only specializes in German vehicles and Artillery but also Allied and Russian too…….Many Pictures of the re-enactors and vehicles can be found on the link on this website…. and they are available for Military Events with full battle enactments and film work…..

 At our November Fair ( 9th November 2014 ) we will have more Rare Vehicles and some hardy troops to give authentic images of W.W.2 Soldiers and equipment……We are recruiting now so please ask if you would like to join us!

 We have several new dealers/collectors at the November Fair ……

 We hope to see you all again at Preston, and as always drive carefully and enjoy your hobby !!

 From all at Preston Arms Fair

Preston Arms Fair – 5th May 2014

The weather was with us for our latest Arms and Militaria Fair and all the people who arrived enjoyed seeing the Allied and German vehicles including motor-cycle combinations, the “251″ German Halftrack from the new film “Fury” with Brad Pitt ( Due out in November this year ) the rare “Kettenkrad”, a Kubelwagon, a 2cm German Flak 38, superb American and British vehicles and an excellent turnout of Re-enactors from the excellent “North West Collectors Re-Enactment Group” (This group provides the Battle Groups/Vehicles for the East Lancs Railways 1940′s War Weekend at Ramsbottom, Rawtenstall and Heywood).
Visitors were able to see just what the soldiers of WW2 looked like and also what equipment and weapons they carried…….several new members were recruited to the ranks !
The fair itself was very well attended and  many dealers attended from various parts of the country, our advertising reaching a large numbers of collectors in the UK interested in the collectables from the many era’s of history that are available at the Fair.
As always, Steven and his team from the Canberra Club made everyone very welcome.
We are hoping to repeat the “Living History”  event on August the 10th 2014, our next Fair, with British and American and German  vehicles ,a German PAK 40 Anti-Tank weapon and 2cm Flak 38 Cannon and the Battle Groups of course plus some surprises!
We hope to see you all at Preston Arms and Militaria fair in August and as always we wish you all happy collecting and safe motoring of course!
Best Regards from all at Preston Arms Fair


Preston Arms Fair – 23rd February 2014

The first venue of the New Year did not disappoint !  The best ever footfall and excellent, if windy weather, produced a great day for all. We had several new dealers and we have enlarged the venue to 38 Dealers who have tables ranging from 6ft to 24 ft. Very many of our dealers told us they had excellent sales, and the visitors also were in good spirits and enjoyed their visit.
The decision to reduce the number of Arms Fairs each year from five to four certainly was the right thing to do, it gives our visitors time to save up for one thing and the event is a good thing to look forward to, sometimes less is more !!
The catering was up to its usual excellent standards with Stephen Hill and his staff helping to make the event a great experience and of course the licensed bar was open from 11-30 am onwards.
The dealers Raffle was won this time by Adam from Worldwide Arms Company..well done !

Our next fair is to be held on the 5th May 2014 ( Bank Holiday Monday ) where we will have the German 251 Halftrack that was seen in the new film “Fury” with Brad Pitt on show together with an original 20mm German Flak Gun. In addition we will have a 1942  British Army Lorry in mint condition. We are also very pleased that we will have Paul Marshall’s superb original Kettenkrad ( The German Tracked Motocycle ) and also we hope to have some other  excellent American and German vehicles too to complete the event. There will also be members of the N.W. Collectors reenactment group present to add excellent  realism to the event.
We hope to see you there, enjoy your hobby and take care all!
Best Regards

The Preston Arms Fair Team

Preston Arms Fair – 10th November 2013

Firstly we would like to wish all of our Dealers and Collectors/ Visitors/ Supporters a very Happy New Year for 2014, and we wish everyone lots of luck in finding that special collectable, and hopefully that elusive bargain!!

The Fair was , as usual, fully attended with quality Militaria dealers from many parts of the UK and the visitor numbers slightly increased from the previous fair. This fair of course was held on the Sunday nearest Armistice Day and a two minute silence was observed at 11am. Our next Fair will be held on the 23rd February 2014 and we hope to see you all there at

The Canberra Club, the new venue is proving to be popular with dealers and visitors alike, the quality food available is to everyone’s liking !

As always all the very best and please drive carefully to and from our events.

 The Preston Arms Fair Team

Preston Arms Fair – 11th August 2013

Our August Fair was the second to be held at the new venue following the demise of the Swallow Hotel earlier this year, and we are settling in to this excellent venue very well. With all of our advertising now up to date with the Canberra Club things are getting back to normal now.

The attendance varies from fair to fair, if it’s the weather, holidays the recession it’s hard to say but we were sixty visitors short of the May fair attendance, but we are expecting an excellent attendance for the November the 10th venue, our last fair before Christmas . Most dealers had a great day and virtually  all tables are now re-booked.
Craig from Hindle’s Transport at Bolton attended with his 1945 British Army Heavy Transport lorry which is in excellent condition which drew lots of attention, many thanks for that Craig!  We always welcome Military Vehicles and often have original WW2 vehicles turn up !  We are hoping to have Paul Marshalls superb Kettenkrad with us at some point next year, this amazing example is in near mint condition.
We would like to say thanks again to Stephen and all the staff at the Canberra club who make our fair very welcome and we hope to see many existing and new collectors in November, please have a safe journey to and from the event.
All the best of collecting from Robert and all at Preston Arms Fair

Preston Arms Fair – 6th May 2013

Firstly, the Arms Fair took place a few days after the sad death of Barry who was a friend and colleague of Barry Ryan from Platoon Militaria of Bury, Lancashire.

Many people knew Barry and on behalf of all his friends we offer our sincere condolences to his family on their sad loss, he will be missed, but never forgotten.

We offer our apologies to the people who missed the Fair due to the sudden closure of the Swallow Hotel . We were very lucky and were able to secure the Samlesbury Canberra Club, just a mile up the A59 towards Clitheroe for the fair until the end of 2014.   Every effort was made to change every advertisement such as Facebook, Wehrmacht Awards, Milweb etc. but we could not change the regular advertisements like the Armourer, Classic Arms, Gun Mart, Britain at War as they had already gone to print and distributed. To try to catch all visitors John was stationed at the entrance to the Swallow Hotel giving out leaflets and directions to over 100 visitors who had arrived at the old venue. Many of our regulars nevertheless thought the venue was not going to happen due to the Swallow closing, hopefully they will see our new advertisements long before the next fair on the 11th August 2013.


Despite the above the fair was very well attended and we were made very welcome by Stephen Hill and his staff from the Canberra Club, Preston Arms Fair would like to thank them for making us so welcome and for all their efforts to make the fair a success at their venue. We look forward to building on the fairs reputation at the next event and we hope to have some military vehicles on show!

We hope to see you all there…..Happy Collecting and drive safely !

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Preston Arms Fair – 24th February 2013

With an exceptional and best ever collector attendance at our fair the day was a great success, and from my feedback from the dealers they had a superb and exciting day with many reporting high volumes of sales and purchases.  This was our fourteenth Arms Fair and we have built up an excellent, professional core of regular dealers who constantly change their offerings making the fair so interesting. Many dealers travel some considerable distance to be with us, often from London , Northern England and the West Midlands so our reputation is growing !

We thank the excellent staff at the Swallow Hotel for all their efforts who, as always, help to make this the UK’s friendliest Arms Fair !
We hope to see you all again on Bank Holiday Monday the 6th May 2013 for another exciting day out at Preston, in the Meanwhile…Happy Collecting !

Breaking News!
Watch out for the brand new Preston Arms and Militaria Auctions starting later this year….see the Armourer and other magazines for details…..

Preston Arms Fair – 4th November 2012

The 4th November saw our Arms and Militaria fair return to the Swallow Hotel at Samlesbury after its short change of venue at The Dunkenhalgh Hotel at Clayton Le Moors.
This was definitely the right move as the fair was the best attended venue that we have ever had in 14 fairs! It’s fair to say that all of the dealers and our visitors were very pleased we had returned to the excellent venue from where we started off, and the overwhelming verdict was it was a great success. Within 10 days of the fair 90% of the tables are sold out for the next fair on the 24th February 2013 which we think proves the point!   It was noticeable that we attracted many new visitors in addition to our regulars which was good to see.
Our next fair will be held on the 24th February 2013, and is one of four in the New Year.
May we take the opportunity at this time to wish all of our dealers and visitors a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year of 2013 and we thank all of our dealers for the professional way in which they have run their tables which has made the fair the success it has become. Many thanks go also to the superb staff at the Swallow who have worked hard to provide a friendly and attractive venue for us.
A final point is that from the New Year,  Preston Arms Fair will be hosting  “ The Preston Arms and Militaria Auctions”  Needless to say that his will be a quality series of venues catering for many eras of history, details of which will be appearing in the Armourer and other quality magazines nearer the time. It is envisaged that the first auction will be in April but this in not yet certain. The new website will be up and running in the next eight to ten weeks, bids can be made by post , phone or in person at each auction which will be held at The Swallow Hotel !  Quality catalogues will of course be produced. If anyone would like to speak to us in the meanwhile, please contact us on the Arms Fair telephones or email.
Best Regards to all from Mave, John, Gary and Robert

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Preston Arms Fair – 12th August 2012

Well, as many people are aware this was the last fair at the Dunkenhalgh. The move back to our roots at the Nelson Suite at the Swallow Hotel was a case of popular request. The Dunkenhalgh venue is excellent, but people simply just did not take to it, and the question of the inadequate parking was without doubt a contributory factor. I personally looked at several potential venues in the Preston area without success; it seemed the Swallow was pulling us back!!

To enlarge the fair I am looking at suitable Marquees and I will include my findings in the write up to the next fair at the Swallow Hotel on the 4th November 2012.

I hope we will see again many of the collectors that we lost over our time at the Dunkenhalgh, and of course our loyal visitors!

I would like to thank all of our regular dealers for their extremely professional displays and I hope future fairs are a great success.

See the photos from 12th August 2012 fair

Preston Arms Fair – 1st July 2012

The fair on the 1st July was well attended and you will see from the pictures from the fair that there were very many super collectables put up for sale by our excellent dealers.
Again dealers reported mixed results of visitor spending, many did well but others not so well, as indeed other fairs have experienced of late, the recession is one culprit!
Since we have been running the Preston Arms Fair we have built up so many loyal professional dealers, many of which have never missed a fair, and we would like to thank them all most sincerely for their loyalty and commitment to the venue.
As most dealers will know, we are moving back to the Swallow Hotel at Samlesbury near the M6 from the 6th November 2012, and where we will have four fairs next year (2013) February, May, August and November. We feel four venues per year allows for people to save up and not see the same items at each fair. The reason for the move is basically the car parking situation at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel, it causes problems for dealers and collectors alike and the move has been welcomed by virtually all of our regular dealers.

The fair will not be as large but has a very friendly atmosphere and is easy to get to with ample car parking facilities.

We hope to see you all at our Summer Fair on the 12th August 2012 and please drive safely.

Best wishes from Preston Arms Fair

See the photos from the fair on 1st July