Preston Arms Fair – 1st March 2020

Our latest fair on the 1st March was probably the best fair we have ever had for both footfall and collector / dealer satisfaction, many reporting excellent buying and selling deals, which is superb and what we strive for.

Of course the event was overshadowed by the out of the blue Covid-19 Corona Virus which first came to the fore in December. The ramifications of this threat cannot be underestimated , it is very dangerous as can be seen by the rapid spread throughout the word. As this is written the UK has circa 457 people infected and six deaths…three weeks ago we had none !

How does this affect our fair ? We have seven dates agreed with the Park Hall Hotel until the end of 2021 and it will be on Government instructions due to the virus whether these fairs go ahead. You can check our website of course and the Government Statements that will be issued…Let’s hope this will be short lived and that the affected recover to good health.

The usual dealers Raffle was drawn with two £ 30 prizes,  the winners were Malcolm Bowers and Gary Parr..well done !!

Our next fair is scheduled for the Bank Holiday Monday the 25th May 2020 and we wish you all reading this and your families the very best and we hope to see you all again soon. As usual happy collecting!!

PAF team

Preston Arms Fair – 3rd November 2019

November the 3rd was our final Arms and Militaria for 2019 and notwithstanding the gap between our fairs was shorter than normal ( due to Hotel Commitments ) the attendance was in line with the other three fairs this year !

Unlike the previous fair which was swamped out with the heaviest rain the weather was cold but great Arms Fair weather !  Many dealers and visitors reported a superb day, always good to hear that !

A point we would like to make is that the access to the Dealers Set Up area is a one way system with signs to direct to it. This has to be a one way system or we get big traffic snarl-up’s so for those who miss these signs please look for and read the signs……

Christmas Cards : For the last eight years we have sent Christmas cards to our dealers, this year we will save the costs of the cards and postage and will send the money to the British Legion  ( £ 100-00 ) a receipt will be in the Reception in March 2020

Well, Christmas being almost here and we won’t be seeing you all till the 1st March 2020, all at the Preston Arms and Militaria Fair wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and lucky New Year, and as always take care on the roads !

Preston Arms Fair – 29th September 2019

Despite probably the heaviest rain for many years the attendance for the latest Preston Arms Fair was excellent with  better than average visitors, and both dealers and visitors reported having a very enjoyable day with us.

We had several new dealers with us which always helps to keep the influx of fresh collectables for visitors to see. The fair is attracting dealers and visitors from many parts of the country now as we get better known to the collecting community.

Bill Holden ( Medals and Militaria ) won the £ 50 dealers raffle for those Dealers who had not started to strip their tables down by 2.15 pm.. Well Done Bill !

Our next fair will be held on the 3rd November 2019 and we hope we will see you all again for another great day collecting/dealing….

We wish all of our Dealers and Collectors all the best and take care on the roads !
Best Regards from the PAF Team

Preston Arms Fair – 27th May 2019

The 39th Preston Arms and Militaria Fair was well attended and was held on the 2nd Bank Holiday in May. The fair has always done well on Bank Holidays and this Fair was no exception, from a dealers perspective it was ” Sold Out” Our next fair will be held on the 29th September 2019. Whilst every dealer cannot expect to have an outstanding day with us the majority were very happy with the results, one dealer sold in excess of Twenty Thousand pounds of edged weapons and medals !  The Dealers £ 50 Raffle was won by Dave Rogers …Well done Dave !

We look forward to seeing all of our regular and new Dealers and Collectors in September, and we wish you all the best of luck with your collections  and take care !

The Preston Arms Fair Team

Preston Arms Fair – 3rd March 2019

The first of four planned events for 2019 for the Preston Arms Fair  was very well attended despite the cold and wet weather, and it’s fair to say all who stood the fair and those visiting the event had a great day. The fair is attracting both dealers and visitors from London, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East England etc thus giving visitors a diverse selection of artifacts perhaps not seen before at our fair.

The pictures from the 3rd March show the fair in full swing and as usual the visitors came in a steady stream all day until well after 2pm.

The winners of the £ 50 dealers raffle were Ross and Denise from Retrospect at Barnoldswick who had not started to strip their table down when the raffle was drawn.

Our next fair will be held on Bank Holiday Monday the 27th May 2019, the event is almost fully sold out now !

We look forward to another superb Arms and Militaria fair and we hope to see you all there again…and as always drive carefully and the very best of luck in finding that special artifact for your collection !

All the best from all at the Preston Arms Fair.

Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 4th November 2018

The November Fair was the final venue for this year and it proved to be very well attended and the feedback from visitors and dealers alike was excellent, all tables had been booked and with a number of new dealers there was a wide variety of Military collectables available to buy, sell or exchange.

The £ 50-00 Dealers Raffle was won by Nick the Knife, well done Nick !!

It is sad to report in October the passing of Lou Gottfreund,  a very well liked and well known Military Dealer who supported our Fair for the first four years, Lou will be sadly missed by many people…

The problem of the Charnock Richards Services,  where you can access the Park Hall Hotel southbound over the motorway but there is no access from the services to the Hotel northbound .This still is in place  and would now seem to be a fixture for the foreseeable future. We understand that it is possible to enter the services southbound on the M6, go to the Hotel for say eight hours then go back to the services and off on the M6 Southbound. This action can trigger the Number Plate Recognition Camera twice, it thinking you have been on the services all day and thus a £ 100 parking charge ensues . Any issue of this can be avoided by turning right out of the Hotel and turning first right and following the road to Junction 27 and then continuing south on the M6..We hope this helps…..If you wish to travel northbound on the M6 you can go southbound on the M6  to Junction 27 and then turn northbound or turn right out of the Hotel and drive through the country to junction 28…

Well, Christmas is almost on us yet again !  We would like to wish all of our dealers and collectors/ visitors and members of staff at the Hotel a wonderful Christmas and a superb New Year of 2019

Our next fair will be held on Sunday the 3rd March 2019

As always drive safely and see you in March !


Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 4th August 2018

Our third fair of 2018 fell in the midst of one of the hottest summers in memory yet we still maintained our excellent footfall record, visitors where still arriving after 2pm !

We had several new dealers with us all had a superb day with us and all booked for the November fair.

Due to the changes regarding access to the Park Hall Hotel from the Charnock Richard services, after several different scenarios the restrictions were limited to the Northbound services where full barriers have been erected.

If you do end up on the Northbound services you will have to travel to Junction 28 and then return to the Southbound Services where the traffic can access the local roads as was the norm for many years previously…to help our

dealers and visitors we have increased the signage in the local areas. So until further notice please use the Southbound services for access to the Park Hall Hotel

 Our last fair of the year will be held on Sunday the 4th November when we look forward to a superb event. Where did the year go?  Christmas is in view !!  

As always, best of luck finding those special items for your collections and see you soon…Take care on the roads !

Best Regards from the Preston Arms Fair Team


Preston Arms Fair – 28th May 2018

Well , the second Preston Arms and Militaria Fair of this year held on the 28th May was held in total contrast to the March Fair weather wise…from some of the most severe weather conditions of snow and ice to Spanish style blue skies and sunshine with very high temperatures. Both of these types of weather can adversely affect most any event held indoors for obvious reasons, but our fair has proved that both our dealers and patrons are made of hardy stuff as both of these fairs saw only a slight downturn in attendances in both dealers and visitors, this would show that our fair has very dedicated supporters . We took a call last week from a visitor who had travelled from Glasgow to the fair in May who gave us a great testimonial stating that the venue and the items for sale made the trip worthwhile and he would be at the next fair !  In fairness we experience many such calls in the course of a year which is very gratifying .

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  M6 Motorway Services at Charnock Richard… Up to now we have been able to cross over the motorway from each side….. FROM 1st JULY 2018 is access is being denied with access only for emergency vehicles..We have added to our website alternative directions to the Park Hall Hotel which will get you to the venue, if you have any problems contact us on: 07884 284390 …..

The alternative routes are easy to drive and the Sat Nav will bring you to the venue ! 

We look forward to seeing you at our August 12th Fair and as always take care on the roads !

 Best Regards from the Preston Arms and Militaria Fair team

Preston Arms Fair – 4th March 2018

The first fair of the new year coincided with the worst storm in the UK for almost ten years !  On the Friday it looked like there would be no fair but in many areas it eased and most of our dedicated dealers did make it to the venue, however six dealers were either in the North East or the West Midlands and travel was impossible. It was four months since our last fair and the weather was no obstacle to the excellent visitor turnout  and we had a really good fair with all the dealers we spoke to reporting a superb day.

As usual we had the Dealers Raffle, this time two prizes of £40 instead of the normal £50-00, these were won by Martin Short and Mick Stott, very well done lads your tables were as you had them throughout the day, as everyone knows to win having started to dismantle tables means disqualification !

Our next fair is on Bank Holiday Monday , the 28th May 2018 when we hope to see you all there again for a memorable Arms Fair

As always, all the best from the Preston Arms Fair Team


Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 5th November 2017

Our last Arms and Militaria Fair of the year, held on the 5th November , proved to be a great success with very favorable comments from very many dealers and collectors.

There was a steady stream of people visiting all day from opening and were still coming in after 2pm making the fair one of the best attended of the year. The Dealers Raffle was won by Fred Greenwell….Well done Fred !

We will be maintaining four fairs in 2018, March, May, August and November. With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner ( Where did the year go ?) we would like to wish all our dealers and collectors a superb Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year of 2018 and we hope to see you all in March for another great event !

As always, the very best of luck in finding that special item for your collections !

From all at the Preston Arms Fair…..