Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 4th August 2018

Our third fair of 2018 fell in the midst of one of the hottest summers in memory yet we still maintained our excellent footfall record, visitors where still arriving after 2pm !

We had several new dealers with us all had a superb day with us and all booked for the November fair.

Due to the changes regarding access to the Park Hall Hotel from the Charnock Richard services, after several different scenarios the restrictions were limited to the Northbound services where full barriers have been erected.

If you do end up on the Northbound services you will have to travel to Junction 28 and then return to the Southbound Services where the traffic can access the local roads as was the norm for many years previously…to help our

dealers and visitors we have increased the signage in the local areas. So until further notice please use the Southbound services for access to the Park Hall Hotel

 Our last fair of the year will be held on Sunday the 4th November when we look forward to a superb event. Where did the year go?  Christmas is in view !!  

As always, best of luck finding those special items for your collections and see you soon…Take care on the roads !

Best Regards from the Preston Arms Fair Team


Preston Arms Fair – 28th May 2018

Well , the second Preston Arms and Militaria Fair of this year held on the 28th May was held in total contrast to the March Fair weather wise…from some of the most severe weather conditions of snow and ice to Spanish style blue skies and sunshine with very high temperatures. Both of these types of weather can adversely affect most any event held indoors for obvious reasons, but our fair has proved that both our dealers and patrons are made of hardy stuff as both of these fairs saw only a slight downturn in attendances in both dealers and visitors, this would show that our fair has very dedicated supporters . We took a call last week from a visitor who had travelled from Glasgow to the fair in May who gave us a great testimonial stating that the venue and the items for sale made the trip worthwhile and he would be at the next fair !  In fairness we experience many such calls in the course of a year which is very gratifying .

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  M6 Motorway Services at Charnock Richard… Up to now we have been able to cross over the motorway from each side….. FROM 1st JULY 2018 is access is being denied with access only for emergency vehicles..We have added to our website alternative directions to the Park Hall Hotel which will get you to the venue, if you have any problems contact us on: 07884 284390 …..

The alternative routes are easy to drive and the Sat Nav will bring you to the venue ! 

We look forward to seeing you at our August 12th Fair and as always take care on the roads !

 Best Regards from the Preston Arms and Militaria Fair team

Preston Arms Fair – 4th march 2018

The first fair of the new year coincided with the worst storm in the UK for almost ten years !  On the Friday it looked like there would be no fair but in many areas it eased and most of our dedicated dealers did make it to the venue, however six dealers were either in the North East or the West Midlands and travel was impossible. It was four months since our last fair and the weather was no obstacle to the excellent visitor turnout  and we had a really good fair with all the dealers we spoke to reporting a superb day.

As usual we had the Dealers Raffle, this time two prizes of £40 instead of the normal £50-00, these were won by Martin Short and Mick Stott, very well done lads your tables were as you had them throughout the day, as everyone knows to win having started to dismantle tables means disqualification !

Our next fair is on Bank Holiday Monday , the 28th May 2018 when we hope to see you all there again for a memorable Arms Fair

As always, all the best from the Preston Arms Fair Team


Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 5th November 2017

Our last Arms and Militaria Fair of the year, held on the 5th November , proved to be a great success with very favorable comments from very many dealers and collectors.

There was a steady stream of people visiting all day from opening and were still coming in after 2pm making the fair one of the best attended of the year. The Dealers Raffle was won by Fred Greenwell….Well done Fred !

We will be maintaining four fairs in 2018, March, May, August and November. With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner ( Where did the year go ?) we would like to wish all our dealers and collectors a superb Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year of 2018 and we hope to see you all in March for another great event !

As always, the very best of luck in finding that special item for your collections !

From all at the Preston Arms Fair…..

Preston Arms Fair – 13th August 2017

The August 13th Fair started with a queue of 80 plus visitors waiting for 9am and the door to open !  Once again the footfall was excellent and for this fair we had several new Dealers/Collectors taking tables.  Many dealers said they had enjoyed excellent sales and very many visitors also said to us that they had purchased superb items, we notice that there are now many visitors from north of the border who have started to visit our fair on a regular basis.

 Please see the photos of this fair, all tables were taken and the range of collectables were really superb.

The Dealers £50 raffle was won by Steve Robinson, well done Steve, nice display !

 Our next fair will be held on the 5th November, and we hope to see you then at The Park Hall Hotel

 All the best from the Preston Arms Fair Team !


Preston Arm Fair – Bank Holiday Mon 29th May ’17

The weather as usual was cold and rainy befitting most of our Bank Holidays ! Despite this the fair was very well attended and you can see in our photo gallery many of the dealers tables attracting lots of interest, the waiting list for tables has grown and we may well expand the fair in the near future.   Many visitors and dealers reported a very good day with a lot of militaria being brought to the fair by Veterans or their families which, of course, is a great way to acquire items that have never been in a collection. Our next fair will be on Sunday the 13th August 2017 and we hope to see you all there , and as always drive carefully and the best of luck with your search for that special item for your collection !

 The Preston Arms fair Team

Preston Arms Fair – 5th March 2017

The first Preston Arms Fair of the new year was a resounding success with all tables being taken and with a growing waiting list from dealers wanting to attend the fair, this together with the most visitors we have ever achieved made the day a memorable one.

In line with our advertising policy for the fair we have re-booked all of the magazines from last year, the latest one is the “History of War ” an excellent publication, and not forgetting the superb “Black and White ” which lists all collectors fairs in the U.K. We believe that our fair is the most advertised collectors event in the U.K.

For pictures of the fair on the 5th March 2017 please visit our Gallery. The winner of the Dealers Raffle was Mick Stott, well done Mick !

Following the success of the new Militaria Fair on the Wirral at the Leasowe Castle we are pleased to advertise the second fair which will be held on Sunday the 23rd April 2017.
For details telephone : 07927842645

 We would like to wish all of our dealers and visitors and collectors a superb New Year of collecting and we hope to see you all at our second Fair on the 29th May from 9am to 2.15pm

The Preston Arms Fair Team

Preston Arms Fair -14th August 2016

Our twenty Eighth Arms and Militaria Fair held on the 14th August 2016 compared favorably with the August fair last year with regards to numbers of collectors attending. All fairs are different, our dealers reported good interest in their collectables but several said that the spending was down from the last fair held in May of this year…however the atmosphere was superb and we all enjoyed a great day.
There were many excellent items offered for sale by visitors, one of which was an excellent German Naval Dagger with an Ivory handle circa 1938.
The winner of the Dealers raffle was again Alan Jones from The English Armory ……… 2nd Time Alan !!
Our next fair will be held on the 13th November 2016, and again the event will be fully booked with very many regular well known Dealers, we hope to see many of you there, and we wish you success in finding that special item for your collection !
Best Regards from the Preston Arms Fair Team  and drive safely !

Preston Arms Fair – Monday 30th May 2016

The 2nd Fair of the year was again very well attended by our regular collectors and also first time visitors, many who had heard of our Fair from the increased advertising we have taken out in excellent magazines like the History of War and Britain at War.   Also improved signs to the Fair were placed on the Services .

Due to the events happening in Normandy to remember ” D Day ” in early June six regular dealers were absent from the Fair but we were pleased to welcome the same amount of excellent new dealers from our waiting list so the Fair opened with a full complement of tables, and the Fair was a success.
There has been no further significant moves regarding the so called New Weapon De-Activation Regulations. As the U.K. may well vote to leave the June , where this regulation came from , it may be possible that no further action will be taken, time will tell.
Our next Fair will be held on the 14th August 2016 , we hope to see you all there, and as always best of luck in our hobby of collecting and safe driving  !
The Preston Arms Fair Team

Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 6th March 2016

The first Preston Arms Fair of 2016 held on the 6th March was by far the best attended fair we have yet enjoyed. We now have a regular attendance of circa fifty plus dealers with a waiting list so we can always deliver to the our visitors and collectors a full house of dealers to choose from, with a wide and varied scope of artifacts  from many eras of history.

To keep our fair to the forefront of the military collectors world we are now advertising in the following excellent Magazines for each of our Arms and Militaria fairs.

  • The Armourer
  • Classic Arms and Militaria
  • Gun Mart
  • Britain at war
  • History of War
  • The “Black and White “

 Of course the A5 leaflets , our Website and the best of all, Word of Mouth, are altogether making our fair far more noticeable to UK collectors. Many of our visitors have travelled some distance to attend, and indeed many of our superb dealers are not just local people but are from hundreds of miles away in many cases.

Many of us are awaiting the new regulations for de-activated weapons in the UK ! Many rumors are circulating of course, and the wrong Kneejerk reaction to the recent discovery that the weapons used in the recent French massacre were re-constituted and not normal live firing weapons, could have devastating impacts on our hobby. The inference is obvious honest collectors will suffer for this and If all previously legally held de-activated weapons with UK certificates, of both “early” and second variant are “Recalled ” to be welded up , the values of these items would be reduced by at least 50% leaving many honest collectors both out of pocket and very disappointed that their treasured historical artifacts have been virtually destroyed as far as collecting goes. Would Blank Firing Guns and items such as the Shoei FG42 replica be exempt?

I imagine no thought by those making decisions ( Who the hell are these people ? ) has gone into the logistics of how and who would be welding up these vast amounts of de-activated weapons ?? Costs etc.. ( This is to pay to have your item to be butchered !! ) Would you ever see your item again??

We hope many of us has contacted our MP’s and MEP’s to urge them to work against this new ruling, if we do not the authorities will feel that no one is interested and will pass unhindered regulations.

It looks like, yet again, that a majority is being affected by the actions of unhinged minorities

The existing regulations are more than enough to control collecting de-activated weapons ……..All that needs to happen is that European specifications are brought up to UK standards…Job Done !!

Our next Fair will be held on the Bank Holiday Monday the 30th May 2016, we hope to see many of you there for another superb collectors day at Preston

We wish you all an exciting 2016 in the collectors world and that you find those special items for your collection !

Life      Prosperity        Health 

 The Preston Arms Fair Team