Preston Arms Fair – Sunday 6th March 2016

The first Preston Arms Fair of 2016 held on the 6th March was by far the best attended fair we have yet enjoyed. We now have a regular attendance of circa fifty plus dealers with a waiting list so we can always deliver to the our visitors and collectors a full house of dealers to choose from, with a wide and varied scope of artifacts  from many eras of history.

To keep our fair to the forefront of the military collectors world we are now advertising in the following excellent Magazines for each of our Arms and Militaria fairs.

  • The Armourer
  • Classic Arms and Militaria
  • Gun Mart
  • Britain at war
  • History of War
  • The “Black and White “

 Of course the A5 leaflets , our Website and the best of all, Word of Mouth, are altogether making our fair far more noticeable to UK collectors. Many of our visitors have travelled some distance to attend, and indeed many of our superb dealers are not just local people but are from hundreds of miles away in many cases.

Many of us are awaiting the new regulations for de-activated weapons in the UK ! Many rumors are circulating of course, and the wrong Kneejerk reaction to the recent discovery that the weapons used in the recent French massacre were re-constituted and not normal live firing weapons, could have devastating impacts on our hobby. The inference is obvious honest collectors will suffer for this and If all previously legally held de-activated weapons with UK certificates, of both “early” and second variant are “Recalled ” to be welded up , the values of these items would be reduced by at least 50% leaving many honest collectors both out of pocket and very disappointed that their treasured historical artifacts have been virtually destroyed as far as collecting goes. Would Blank Firing Guns and items such as the Shoei FG42 replica be exempt?

I imagine no thought by those making decisions ( Who the hell are these people ? ) has gone into the logistics of how and who would be welding up these vast amounts of de-activated weapons ?? Costs etc.. ( This is to pay to have your item to be butchered !! ) Would you ever see your item again??

We hope many of us has contacted our MP’s and MEP’s to urge them to work against this new ruling, if we do not the authorities will feel that no one is interested and will pass unhindered regulations.

It looks like, yet again, that a majority is being affected by the actions of unhinged minorities

The existing regulations are more than enough to control collecting de-activated weapons ……..All that needs to happen is that European specifications are brought up to UK standards…Job Done !!

Our next Fair will be held on the Bank Holiday Monday the 30th May 2016, we hope to see many of you there for another superb collectors day at Preston

We wish you all an exciting 2016 in the collectors world and that you find those special items for your collection !

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 The Preston Arms Fair Team