Preston Arms Fair – 5th May 2014

The weather was with us for our latest Arms and Militaria Fair and all the people who arrived enjoyed seeing the Allied and German vehicles including motor-cycle combinations, the “251” German Halftrack from the new film “Fury” with Brad Pitt ( Due out in November this year ) the rare “Kettenkrad”, a Kubelwagon, a 2cm German Flak 38, superb American and British vehicles and an excellent turnout of Re-enactors from the excellent “North West Collectors Re-Enactment Group” (This group provides the Battle Groups/Vehicles for the East Lancs Railways 1940’s War Weekend at Ramsbottom, Rawtenstall and Heywood).
Visitors were able to see just what the soldiers of WW2 looked like and also what equipment and weapons they carried…….several new members were recruited to the ranks !
The fair itself was very well attended and  many dealers attended from various parts of the country, our advertising reaching a large numbers of collectors in the UK interested in the collectables from the many era’s of history that are available at the Fair.
As always, Steven and his team from the Canberra Club made everyone very welcome.
We are hoping to repeat the “Living History”  event on August the 10th 2014, our next Fair, with British and American and German  vehicles ,a German PAK 40 Anti-Tank weapon and 2cm Flak 38 Cannon and the Battle Groups of course plus some surprises!
We hope to see you all at Preston Arms and Militaria fair in August and as always we wish you all happy collecting and safe motoring of course!
Best Regards from all at Preston Arms Fair