Preston Arms Fair – Monday 30th May 2016

The 2nd Fair of the year was again very well attended by our regular collectors and also first time visitors, many who had heard of our Fair from the increased advertising we have taken out in excellent magazines like the History of War and Britain at War.   Also improved signs to the Fair were placed on the Services .

Due to the events happening in Normandy to remember ” D Day ” in early June six regular dealers were absent from the Fair but we were pleased to welcome the same amount of excellent new dealers from our waiting list so the Fair opened with a full complement of tables, and the Fair was a success.
There has been no further significant moves regarding the so called New Weapon De-Activation Regulations. As the U.K. may well vote to leave the June , where this regulation came from , it may be possible that no further action will be taken, time will tell.
Our next Fair will be held on the 14th August 2016 , we hope to see you all there, and as always best of luck in our hobby of collecting and safe driving  !
The Preston Arms Fair Team