Preston Arms Fair – 7th May 2012

“After several fairs that suffered from the bouts of severe weather conditions the 7th May 2012 Arms Fair enjoyed an excellent sunny day with the best attendance by collectors since the fairs started in 2010 and was fair number ten. Many dealers reported an excellent days trading but some reported that although interest was high, the purchases were not forthcoming, however many people tend to sleep on expensive purchases and go back to the dealer a few days later to purchase. We had several people who rang up after the fair and asked for the details of dealers who they wished to contact again.

Always looking for quality advertising on behalf of the dealers and public the Preston Arms Fair is now advertising in the superb Britain at War magazine which is sold nationwide and is hoped to make for much more awareness of our fair in the months to come.

Many well known dealers are now travelling distances to our Fair, Ivor Lough of Phoenix Militaria of London is attending again for the 1st July Fair, as well as D&B Militaria, David Hughes, Jack Zakarian, Conrad from Grenadiers, Chris Berry and many more to add to the list of our highly professional regular dealers who have made the fair such a success……a big thanks to everyone who has supported the fair, both dealers and the collecting community.

We hope to see you all on the 1st July for another memorable day of collecting and dealing!

See photos from Preston Arms Fair – Bank Holiday Monday 7th May