Preston Arms Fair – 24th October 2010

Sunday the 24th of October saw the 3rd of the new Preston Arms and Militaria Fairs at our Swallow Hotel venue at Samlesbury Preston. Most tables had been allocated to our established dealers but with several collectors having tables to sell their collections which made for a great choice for the many visitors, mainly seasoned collectors, but also many people who told us it was their first fair! It is essential that a new generation of collectors take up the hobby and you can see from our latest photographs that our fair does attract the younger visitor. There was a great atmosphere and we all look forward to the Winter Fair on the 9th January 2011, we hope to see you there too!

We are hoping from next year that we will attract Military Vehicles to the event; weather is a big factor of course so it will be after Easter that they can attend. Please contact us to arrange to show your vehicles.

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Preston Arms Fair is becoming a very popular Militaria Fair attracting excellent dealers and therefore serious collectors too and we endeavour to improve the event every time…Suggestions welcomed!

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