Preston Arms Fair – 23rd February 2014

The first venue of the New Year did not disappoint !  The best ever footfall and excellent, if windy weather, produced a great day for all. We had several new dealers and we have enlarged the venue to 38 Dealers who have tables ranging from 6ft to 24 ft. Very many of our dealers told us they had excellent sales, and the visitors also were in good spirits and enjoyed their visit.
The decision to reduce the number of Arms Fairs each year from five to four certainly was the right thing to do, it gives our visitors time to save up for one thing and the event is a good thing to look forward to, sometimes less is more !!
The catering was up to its usual excellent standards with Stephen Hill and his staff helping to make the event a great experience and of course the licensed bar was open from 11-30 am onwards.
The dealers Raffle was won this time by Adam from Worldwide Arms Company..well done !

Our next fair is to be held on the 5th May 2014 ( Bank Holiday Monday ) where we will have the German 251 Halftrack that was seen in the new film “Fury” with Brad Pitt on show together with an original 20mm German Flak Gun. In addition we will have a 1942  British Army Lorry in mint condition. We are also very pleased that we will have Paul Marshall’s superb original Kettenkrad ( The German Tracked Motocycle ) and also we hope to have some other  excellent American and German vehicles too to complete the event. There will also be members of the N.W. Collectors reenactment group present to add excellent  realism to the event.
We hope to see you there, enjoy your hobby and take care all!
Best Regards

The Preston Arms Fair Team